Repairing a squeaky bathtub – Austin, TX

by All Surface Renew on June 15, 2011

The squeaky bathtub is a persistent problem that can drive people to insanity. For those that don’t have the problem – you may not be sure exactly what a “squeaky bathtub is”, and for those that have seen one – you understand it perfectly.

A squeaky bathtub is usually made of fiberglass, plastic, or acrylic material and makes noisy squeaking, chirping, grinding, crackling, or creaking noises when you are standing on it and showering or bathing. The sounds range from soft to loud. It gives a sense of unease because you’re never quite sure if the tub is getting ready to fall out from you at any moment, or, if there’s something else going on under there.

This is a problem that we see all the time, and it is repairable in almost all cases. Tubs squeaks are related to a support/empty space issue underneath the tub that had not been addressed, or gotten worse with time. A good tub installation usually helps avoid most problems related to the floor, but what if the tub has already been installed and you don’t have the money and time to take it out and replace it? One of the following three services usually provide the solution:

a – Austin fiberglass bathtub repair
b – Austin acrylic bathtub repair
c – Austin plastic bathtub repair

That is where repairing a squeaky bathtub comes in handy. With our Austin bathtub repair service, these bathtubs can be durably and professionally repaired, and the squeak taken away by using a special repair process. It’s usually completed the same day and ready to use soon after.

The following YouTube video shows a creaking bathtub that needed the floor fixed – the crackling noises had been going on for a long while and the home owner didn’t know that it could be fixed until she heard about us.

Would you like a quote on renewing/repairing a squeaking or creaking bathtub floor?

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