5 Reasons to Repair Your Cracked Fiberglass Tub Right Now! (Not later)

by All Surface Renew on September 21, 2011

Did you know that cracked fiberglass tubs are very common?   And what we are talking about specifically  is bathtubs with a crack in the floor.

You’ve probably showered happily in the morning for many years and just started noticing a hairline crack.  Maybe it’s already turned into a gaping crack and you need to stand on the edges of tub while you hang on for dear life – every morning.

Or, maybe you’ve just moved into your current house and realize that the dark line you see on tub floor isn’t a hair but actually a crack.

Why do tubs cracks, anyway? Lots of reasons, but here are a few common ones (we can tell much better when we see it in person):

  1. faulty bathtub design
  2. no support/improper support installed underneath the fiberglass tub
  3. weight of the tub user has placed additional stress on the tub floor

So assuming that you are the proud owner of a bathtub that is cracked or cracking, should you just leave it be?  No!   Let us count 5 very good reasons why you should repair that cracked fiberglass bathtub now!

5 Reasons to Repair Your Cracked Fiberglass Tub Right Now!  Not Later

  1. A cracked tub will eventually allow water to leak underneath – likely causing mold, damage to the subfloor, carpet, and more.
  2. It’s a great way to injure yourself/visitors in the process of showering.   That certainly puts a damper on holiday guest-visits.
  3. Waiting for the crack in your tub to get worse means it will cost you even more money to fix – assuming it can still be saved
  4. Because replacing a too-far-gone tub usually turns into a very expensive complete bathroom remodeling project. (goodbye yearly vacation)
  5. Because it’s fast, permanent (most cases), and affordable to have your tub professionally repaired for good.

We currently offer a cracked bathtub solution that can fix almost any cracked tub.  The work is completed in place, and works on the existing tub.

The weak floor is supported, the floor crack/s repaired, and then a new durable floor is installed on top – making the bathtub look presentable in under a day.

Take a look at one of the worst bathtubs that we have fixed to date:  


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