Renewing old laminate kitchen countertops – A clients’ review Austin, TX

by All Surface Renew on June 14, 2011

Plain laminate countertops are absolutely everywhere and we know because we see them all the time in our travels all over!  Whether we are in Georgetown, Buda, Taylor, Round Rock, Manor, or Downtown Austin, Texas – we see many homes that have counter tops that are less than appealing because they are plain white, gray, or one of many other standard colors that just make the overall kitchen look drab and reminiscent.

The kitchen is often times the focal point of a home – and it’s in the kitchen that most families spend most of their time when they are home -which explains why dreary, plain, or even dated-color countertops can get tiring to look at very quickly. For those countertops, we have an alternative to installing traditional Austin granite countertops, marble countertops,or replacing with simply new colored laminate.  The alternative is affordable, simple, and relatively fast.

So, the question many people ask is, how do you renew laminate countertops?

Kitchen countertop refinishing

Renewing kitchen countertops by refinishing them

The solution that we provide for many of our clients and friends is typically a clean and efficient 1-day Austin countertop renewal process where we change the color of almost any kitchen tops (think pink, blue, and even fluorescent yellow ones) to look much more up-to-date by applying a special product that goes over the existing surface. The new surface has the look of stone, or silestone, and comes in a variety of neutral colors as well as non-neutral colors.  The final product then carries a sealer that makes it heat, scratch, stain, and water resistant.

Because the work is completed in the kitchen area with the countertops in place, the work allows a homeowner to avoid the inconvenience of having to tear them out and risk damaging the flooring, cabinets and walls in the process.

This is what we did for our client friend’s home in North Austin. He had a very nice and cozy home that had builder grade, plain laminate countertops that just needed to have the color changed because they didn’t look very good anymore.

And since he had installed new tile flooring, and painted the walls a new color, the counter tops really became a focal eyesore. We took a look at the kitchen area, the dining room, cabinets, and cabinet hardware, and chose a stone finish to refinish his counters in that would really tie everything together nicely and give it a contemporary look.

The result: an Austin, TX laminate countertop makeover

Here is his video testimonial:


And….if you’ve wondered if other colored kitchen counters can be renewed – take a look at these blue kitchen countertops we also transformed:


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