How to paint a bathtub ? A Daily Deal

by All Surface Renew on September 24, 2011

How to paint a bathtub?  Or – How do I paint a bathtub?

These are some questions that we commonly get asked when someone has a old castiron, porcelain, or fiberglass bathtub and wants to renew the look of it’s once-shiny surface.  Besides re painting, the other option is to replace it and end up remodeling the entire bathroom, but who really wants to do that?!

It is possible to repaint a bathtub, and you can even do it yourself.  A DIY option can be done using a method like a bathtub paint kit that you can buy at the store.  Often the instructions require that the user brush, roll, or spray the paint onto the bathtub after it’s been cleaned – but this solution ends up being only temporary and we recommend holding off entirely until you have the funds to have it done well.

A refinishing box kit doesn’t give a person all the quality equipment, instructions, or experience that they’d need to successfully refinish their own bathtub, and that is why professional bathtub refinishing is a smarter choice in most cases.  A  reputable company uses products that are stronger, more durable, ventilation so that any residual odors disappear quickly, marine fiberglass repair products to repair damages, and offers a written warranty that’s transferable.

In short – the process a company uses is very detail-oriented and requires a lot of preparation (over 90% of total job time) – but it makes for a painted bathtub that won’t look painted or peel shortly after.

If you’re a weekend warrior and still would like to paint your bathtub  – give it a try.  Follow the package instructions closely and be aware that a peeling bathtub can be fixed, but will cost you more money to have it stripped and then refinished professionally.

For those that want to save some money on a standard bathtub refinishing in Austin TX, we have a daily deal good for today only.  If you have a chipped or dull bathtub and would like to have it be shiny again- you can have it professionally cleaned, treated, and refinished and get $15 off when you call today.  It cannot be combined with other offers.

The deal is valid for the cities of Round Rock TX, West Lake Hills, Lakeway TX, and Lago Vista TX.  It will cover the following types of bathtub:  porcelain, plastic, fiberglass, and marble tubs.  Even if the bathtub has jets.


Here’s a video that shows how we paint a bathtub, and another video showing a failed DIY paint kit.

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